Basic Drawing Service

Our Basic Drawing Service is for people who want to start a project but don’t have current CAD drawings.

All of our services require you to have a basic CAD based (electronic) drawing of the area under consideration. If you don’t have a set of drawings then we can create those drawings for you. You will need to provide a sketch with accurate dimensions and some photographs of the rooms we are drawing. Select how many rooms you need drawn for the project from the combinations below. Halls and Landing areas count as a room.

This service provides basic outline drawings, if detailed drawings are required for the work to commence we can provide a tailored quote for that after the initial consultation.


  • One Room €70 including VAT
  • Two Rooms €130 including VAT
  • Single Floor Plan up to 6 Rooms €325 including VAT

Spatial Planning & Layouts

We all have that one room that is used constantly but space or flow is the problem. Getting the spatial plans of your home right is crucial. We carefully consider what each space is used for and then create the best design layout for you and your needs. You begin by sending us your floor plans and room plans via our website.

Then during your Room Guru consultation, using our state-of-the-art technology, we make improvements and suggestions to your plans in real-time – almost as if we are in your room with you.

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Electrical & Lighting Design

Let there be light! It’s one of the most common challenges we encounter in our work. Thankfully The Room Guru excel at creating the perfect lighting plan for your home. How? Well it’s because we place ourselves virtually in the room with you. With every project we consider the ambient or natural lighting, in addition to the functional and decorative character of each room in your home.

Make your lighting work for you and your home today by engaging The Room Guru.

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Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom Unit Design

Up to Two Hours Joinery Design Consultation Cost €325.00 including VAT

We offer a professional service where we design joinery items for your Kitchen, Sitting Room or Bedroom. We create the best independent design solutions for your home. Our creative process incorporates best design practice with an emphasis on comfort, practicality and individuality. Get the “how to” for that dream kitchen you’ve been pinning on Pinterest from one of our Design Gurus today.

(CAD Drawings of Rooms to be considered required)

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Bathroom Design, Sanitary Ware Selection and Guidance

Up to Two Hours bathroom Design and Sanitary Ware Selection Consultation Cost €300.00 including VAT

Selecting the correct sanitary ware can be a bit of a mine field and it does require professional experience to avoid the pit falls of making mistakes with the wrong selection. With our experience we can assist you on selecting the best options to maximise the overall design and functionality.

(CAD Drawings of Rooms to be considered required)

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Finishes & Soft Furnishings

Up to Two Hours Finishes and Soft Furnishings Consultation Cost €300.00 including VAT

Have you hit a wall when to comes to selecting paints, fabrics, lighting and furniture? It’s so important to get the finishing touches right for your home and to create the look that you wish to achieve. This are the elements to your home design that you see and use every day and they set the mood of the space. We offer professional advice to help guide you through this process. We do this by also incorporating the stages above from layouts to electrical and lighting to achieve the best, most original designs and tailored to your specific needs.

(CAD Drawings of Rooms to be considered required)
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Problem Solving

A second set of eyes from The Room Guru never fails to deliver a better outcome.

We’re here to guide you at any stage of your home renovation or new build – everything from the choice of front door & windows, or how best to use/reuse the space you have, to outside lighting and creating a space for alfresco dining.

Share those design niggles with us and let The Room Guru virtually help you design the home of your Insta Dreams.

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