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  1. In the event that a User does not attend for or cancels a scheduled appointment without having provided 48 hours-notice, a strict no refund policy applies. We will endeavor to facilitate further appointments, where possible and when the appropriate re-booking fee has been discharged. In the event that a User does not attend on a second occasion, we reserve the right to refuse to allocate any further appointments.


  1. Our booking portal is strictly subject to availability. An appointment may, subject to our discretion and approval, be re-scheduled at any time up to 24 hours prior to that appointment. Up to 48 hours before a scheduled consultation, the user can change the date/time of a booking by emailing [email protected]. The user will be subject to terms and conditions with the same notice period, the user can cancel a consultation. We have a no refund policy for cancellation notices of less than 48 hours.


  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances we/our designers may have to re-schedule an appointment. In this event, we endeavor to advise the User as soon as possible and with as much notice as possible. We will endeavor to re-schedule the appointment as soon as possible after the event.


  1. It is solely the Users’ responsibility to ensure that an adequate internet connection in present, that they have software which will facilitate the appointment and that he/she is located in a quiet environment that will be without interruption in advance of the scheduled appointment.


  1. It is solely the Users’ responsibility to ensure that he/she is present at the allocated for the scheduled appointment. Appointments will begin at the allotted time regardless of the attendance of the User and credit for time lost, as cannot be refunded or added to any appointment.


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  1. Advice given is so given in an artistic capacity. It is given without recourse to the consultant. It is entirely a matter for a User whether he/she chooses to adopt the advice. No advice that is given by any consultant is compulsory and no works should be undertaken by any User without first ensuring that the work is compliant with planning legislation and he/she has acquired the necessary planning permission and that he /she has ensured that all necessary health and safety precautions have been taken and that any works that are anticipated do not breach any aspect of health and safety legislation and/or planning legislation. It is entirely a matter for a User to satisfy himself/herself in relation to compliance with health and safety legislation and/or planning legislation. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any breach of any legislation or the quality of any works completed by any User. The service is advisory in nature only.


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